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Our team of immigration professionals stand ready to work tirelessly for immigrants throughout Kentucky and surrounding areas. 

Practice Areas

Immigration Law Center specializes in all facets of immigration law.

Permanent Residency and Citizenship

With the help of our experienced attorneys, those who qualify can successfully obtain permanent residency (a green card), and eventual U.S. citizenship (naturalization).

Immigration Amnesty

As of last known data, the U.S. has approximately 12 to 20 million undocumented / illegal aliens living within its borders. We can guide you through the process and ensure your legal compliance.

Dedicated Team of Professionals

With over 30 years of combined experience, we are here to provide legal expertise in the area of immigration law.

Scot F. McChain

Immigration Attorney

Scot helps individuals and businesses in some of the most challenging situations through years of expertise, strategic thinking, and inspired solutions; clients can count on his trusted and sound legal counsel when they need it most.

A native of Kentucky, Seth earned his Juris Doctor at the University of Mississippi School of Law in December 2017 and his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of Mississippi in May 2015.

Reina is a political refugee from Cuba and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Paralegal Studies from WKU in 2018. She is also a Certified Kentucky Paralegal who has worked with immigrants since 2013.

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Our professional legal team’s determination to achieve your goal(s) are what it takes to navigate the intricacies of immigration law. We work together for and with you!

Why Choose Our Immigration Services

Immigration Law Center represents individuals across a full range of immigration law related cases. We fight for you.

Experienced Attorneys

With over 30 years of combined experience, our attorney backgrounds include experience in Business Law, Litigation, Economic Development, Insurance, Real Estate, and Estate Planning. Ultimately, each of our professionals opted to specialize in Immigration Law.

Best Case Strategies

Working together, utilizing our legal expertise on your behalf, we will formulate the steps legally necessary to achieve your Immigration case's best outcome.

With You - From Start to Finish

Honest and open communication is key to a successful immigration process. We disclose all information to our clients as we work toward meeting their immigration goal(s).

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